Afrique,Europe, deux continents voisins

Afrique, Europe,

Deux continents voisins confrontés à des défis communs,

Qui main dans la main font ensemble chemin,

 Pour la réalisation de leur destin ;


Afrique, Europe,

Une collaboration solide basée sur l’entente et les échanges,

 Une relation historique renforcée par des rapports qu’économiques,

Une coopération fondée sur la solidarité et pleine d’opportunités ;


Afrique, Europe,

 Ensemble et unis nous serons vainqueurs.



Humanity need YOU
Humanity need ME
Humanity need US


The ever-increasing number of human tragedies and crimes against humanity shows that mankind is in crisis. From slavery to the war in Syria including both world wars, the numerous genocides and the shoah, we understand that this crisis does not date from today.

In front of this human suffering ,voices have always risen to defend humanity like Henry Dunant founder of the Red Cross or the United Nations to name only those two. And considering that as long as this crisis will exist it will never have enough voices who I decided to add my voice to the thousands others who throughout the world stand up for humanity.

With this blog i plan to :

– speak about any causes which seem to me importan(refugees,women,wchildren,animals …);

– encourage and speak about initiatives which contribute to make this world a better place for all us;

– and also post articles interviews and video of stakeholders of persons who also works for the well-being of humanity.

This blog concern anyone who believe in humanity and i hope with my modest contribution to make this earth a better world.

Sincerely yours

First blog postsoldier-708711.jpg


let me explain why

You surely say ANOTHER BLOG about humanitarian and human rights and I would only say one thing: YOU ARE RIGHT. No, but frankly at the time when we only speak to stand out and make the difference, I gladly admit that l’m an ordinary people, the girl next door, a rules follower.

BUT, on the other hand since we are all a little different, I also think there are not two blogs that are perfectly identical. All it’s to say that if my blog could look like many others, you can be sure that it will not fail to surprise you from time to time.

First of all, for the record, this blog was initially named HUMANITARIAN BY AFRICANS, because I was fed up with the lack of visibility of the African aid workers and African bloggers engaged in humanitarian and human rights.
But because I consider myself more like a citizen of the world and that the defense of human rights is a battle that concerns us all, I therefore opted for STANDING FOR HUMANITY.

Then, because I want to do more than just blogging about that and have a real and positive impact in my community and why not in the world, I created an non-profit humanitarian association in the beginning of the year (but I will speak to you about it in a forthcoming article).

And finally if you are wondering who is behind this blog know that I am a young Cameroonian woman of 30 years, humanitarian aspirant, your humble servant.

Humanly yours.  PS:i have the privilege to be bilingual so i will also publish in French sometimes